Rating List Appeals and the 2017 Revaluation

Our rating specialists advise a wide range of local, regional, national and international companies on their assessments across both the conventional property sector and more specialist property types, such as telecommunications, leisure and health and fitness.

The 1st April 2017 will see the introduction of the long-overdue Rating Revaluation, replacing the 2010 Rating List.  This may result in significant changes to the assessment of various properties. There is a degree of uncertainty in terms of the effect on property owners' and occupiers' liabilities.   As we move through 2017, the position will become clearer.  The proposed timetable is outlined below.

Timetable towards 1 April 2017
1 October 2016 Publication of Draft 2017 Rating List First chance to obtain visibility of individual rateable values
December 2016 Decision relating to any Transitional Relief Scheme to be adopted This will determine the restricted level (if any) of potential increases/decreases in liability
December 2016/ January 2017 Decision relating to the multiplier to be adopted This, combined with the above, will determine the liability level that the revaluation will produce
1 April 2017 Rating Revaluation comes into effect Ability to challenge assessments and revise over-assessed properties


We represent clients at national level negotiations with the Valuation Office Agency to ensure that their interests are best represented, and are experienced in appearing before Magistrates Courts as Expert Witnesses and the Valuation/Upper Chambers in respect of valuation issues.  This experience is becoming increasingly important as this area of surveying is becoming more litigious.

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