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Alder King launches its Business Green Week

Alder King will show its support for Bristol’s status as European Green Capital by taking part in Business Green Week next week (15 – 19 June).

The firm, which employs over 100 people at its Clifton-based offices, has planned a programme of activities aimed at raising awareness and helping engender a change in work practice and individual behaviour to create a legacy beyond the week and 2015.

Alder King’s Business Green Week Programme

Monday 15 June – Think Global

To kick-off the week, staff will find a green-themed surprise on their desks when they arrive at the office.  Staff have also been invited to a lunchtime screening and discussion on two or three short films on global and local sustainability issues.  A Big Green Suggestion Competition will also be launched, with a prize of £50 Bristol Pounds for the best energy-saving suggestion received. 

Tuesday 16 June – Act Local

All staff will receive a green locally-sourced gift to fuel their day.  The firm will also dig deep for the bees by planting a selection of bee-friendly plants outside its Clifton offices at lunchtime.  Staff will also be encouraged to think about helping establish Bristol as a leading sustainable food city by providing useful tips on where to buy sustainable, locally-grown food and drink in and around Clifton.

Wednesday 17 June – Low Impact Day

On Low Impact Day, Alder King’s offices will turn ‘green’ inside and out with the introduction of new energy-saving LED lights and uplighters.  Staff will also be encouraged to reduce waste and there will be a renewed focus on recycling and energy consumption.

Thursday 18 June – Better Travel Day

Alder King has committed to invest in new electric bikes for business use.  These will be available to all staff who would find it easier to attend appointments by bike rather than car. 

To encourage everyone to ditch the car in favour of a more sustainable mode of transport on Better Travel Day, suggestions and incentives have been provided for car sharing, bus and rail travel and cycling.  All those who take up the challenge will enjoy a complimentary breakfast!

Friday 19 June – Feel Good Friday!

To celebrate the end of the week, staff have been invited to Dress Green and join a Big Green Picnic in a local green space, with activities include a Hula Hooping workshop, Green Quiz and Awards Presentation.

Alder King senior partner Martyn Jones said: “We are delighted to be taking part in Business Green Week.  We hope that our programme will be both enjoyable and informative and be the start of a more in-depth look at the issues of sustainability and how they affect our staff, our business and our city.  We are keen to create a legacy that lasts beyond next Friday.”

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