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The White Building, Southampton

Client: Off-Shore Private Client
Services Provided:
Business Rates

VOA Attempts to Assess Common Parts in Office Building

Contentiously, the Valuation Office Agency assessed part of the common parts within this refurbished award-winning office building in Southampton.  Our experience is that the VOA is seeking to maximise rateable value gain and placing the onus on ratepayers to demonstrate where assessments are in our opinion patently incorrect.  The VOA was wholly resistant to meaningful discussions and it became necessary for us to prepare and present a full expert case to the Tribunal on this important point of principle.

After lengthy submissions, the Tribunal ultimately determined and agreed with our view that the assessment should be deleted.

This delivered savings of £24,000 and demonstrated our ability to provide meaningful advice to our client resulting in a successful outcome on this complex point of principle.

Client Savings

Original 2017 Rateable Value £11,700
Revised 2017 Rateable Value Deleted
Client Savings £24,000

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