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Land East of Coldharbour Lane, Bristol

Client: Wallscourt Foundation/Taylor Wimpey/Extra Care Charitable Trust
Services Provided:
Planning Consultancy

Alder King provided multi-disciplinary consultancy services to the Wallscourt Foundation on its 16 ha site outside Bristol, comprising strategic property advice and undertaking a baseline planning and technical review of the site, including co-coordinating a consultant team.

Following the sale of the site to Taylor Wimpey, Alder King was retained to co-ordinate and manage the submission of a hybrid planning application for residential development (550 dwellings) including retail space, a nursery and public open space.  The application was approved in 2015.

Alder King was subsequently appointed jointly by Taylor Wimpey and the Extra Care Charitable Trust to co-ordinate and manage the submission of a revised hybrid application for the whole site, now including an extra care facility (433 dwellings and 261 extra care units). Working against a tight timescale, this application was also approved in 2015 one month prior to the introduction of CIL, which would have rendered the proposals unviable.

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