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Land at Long Ashton, North Somerset

Client: University of Bristol
Services Provided:
Planning Consultancy

The University of Bristol appointed our planning team as lead consultant, tasked with managing a multi-disciplinary team whose brief is to secure the re-development of a 70 ha site as a sustainable extension to Long Ashton, in the context of the South West Bristol urban expansion.

To date, extensive pre-application investigation and design work has been undertaken, involving co-ordination of a specialist team to collate baseline data and identify constraints and opportunities for development. Utilising this data, and following comprehensive negotiations with North Somerset Council and other key stakeholders, a preliminary masterplan has been drafted, which details the delivery of approximately 1,000 residential units, 3 hectares of employment land, community facilities and associated road infrastructure, which includes plans for a new rail halt.

Following public consultation, a planning application has been submitted and awaits determination.  This has been slowed by the abandonment of the RSS and the Council’s decision to remove any development on the SW border of Bristol from its Core Strategy policies.