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Class-leading expertise

Recognising the specialist characteristics of data centres, we have developed class-leading expertise in this sector through our work with occupiers, developers and investors.


We work with occupiers to create asset management opportunities aligned to your own strategic/business objectives, harnessing the strength of your covenant to extract value and create opportunities.  This includes:

  • consolidating costly wholesale/retail contracts currently with Carrier Neutral Hotels into “own brand” dedicated facilities
  • sale and leaseback of technical/data centre assets
  • agreeing to a lease as a deployment model and exploiting surplus operational accommodation.


Advising and working closely with specialist developers, we have helped shape the data centre as an institutionally acceptable asset class.  This includes:

  • development of lease formats which meet the operational requirements of the tenant but protect investment value
  • addressing investors’ concerns
  • impact and application of sinking funds to support tenant repair responsibilities
  • impact/value created by scale of capital allowance created by new data centre development tenant identification
  • valuation/investment advice on maximizing/extracting value of the completed investment marketing of completed investments.


Because of the very specific nature of data centres, we regularly advise traditional and institutional investors on how they function so they have a sound understanding of this asset class and the potential and risks involved.  This includes:

  • market characteristics
  • scale of capital involved in fit outs and operation
  • opportunities created by tenant inertia
  • understanding the business activities conducted from these facilities
  • exploitation of upgrades/expansions – value creation opportunities and ultimately acquiring these assets on their behalf.