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How do I let my office?

Reasons why I need to let my office

There are many reasons why you may need to let your office.  Are you the owner of a property and your existing tenant is looking to vacate?  This could be due to a lease expiry or lease break or the tenant may have ceased trading.

Alternatively you may be a tenant and the accommodation is no longer suitable, whether due to relocation, expansion, downsizing or it may simply just be surplus to your requirements.

Whatever the reason, you need to let the office quickly to either generate or save rental income.


Is there anything that might affect my ability to let my office?

If you are the landlord, is the office accommodation free to offer to new tenants without any existing tenancies in place?

Or are you the tenant, looking to sublet or assign your lease? If so, how long is left on the lease? The length of lease remaining could impact the prospect of securing another tenant.

For a sublease or assignment, the current lease will also need to be reviewed to ascertain what is permitted and if there are any clauses that could affect your ability to agree a sublease/assignment.

The condition and specification of the office accommodation are also important factors to incoming tenants and getting this right will improve the success of securing a tenant, while also impacting on the likely achievable rent.


Why should I appoint a property agent to let my office?

We would always recommend contacting a reputable local property agent to advise on your letting options, whether you are a landlord or tenant.  There are many benefits to appointing a professional agent.  Our office agency teams for example have handled literally hundreds of transactions just like yours and can provide you with:

  • Valuable local market knowledge
  • Information on current market values
  • Introductions to occupiers currently looking for office accommodation in your area
  • Potential to reduce the void period on the property
  • Potential to secure the best possible deal with higher rents and lower incentives
  • Ability to tailor the marketing to best fit your specific requirements
  • Advice on the most effective marketing initiatives
  • Access to other property services you may require such as empty rates mitigation, planning advice and building consultancy work

If you would like to talk through your options for letting your office, please contact your local office agent shown below.