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Planning with Purpose

The close relationship between our planning and commercial teams

If you’re thinking of selling your land for development, you want to be sure of both planning success and of getting the best deal possible from developers.

You don’t want to find yourself spending huge sums of money on a planning application that has little chance of succeeding – and you certainly don’t want to sell your land for less than it’s worth.

With both a planning consultancy and a residential development team, Alder King can offer you an all-round service that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We call it planning with purpose – and it saves you stress, false hope, and money.

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Planning capacities

When we contact landowners, it’s never on a purely speculative basis.

It’s because we know we can offer a genuine opportunity – usually because our planning team has identified the potential of the site.

Our residential development team and our planning consultancy team give each other an edge in a competitive market.

The teams work seamlessly with each other in one office, naturally conversing with one another, which makes for a very genuine collaborative approach.

Those conversations ensure the planning consultancy team are commercially minded, with a clear idea of how to maximise return for landowners.

They also mean that the Alder King team approaches every conversation with landowners from a position of knowledge about local planning opportunities.

Together, we have a very clear understanding of how to maximise returns for developers and landowners alike.

Local Authority Development Plans

Our planning team is large and highly experienced, with a considerable number of experts who share their knowledge with their colleagues. If we need expertise for a particular site, we can find it in our team.

We know how to look beyond the information already in the public domain, and how to interpret it.

There’s a wealth of information out there that’s often overlooked by less experienced planners.

Many of our planners have local authority backgrounds, giving them valuable insights into the policy making process.

They also have conversations with experienced members of local authority planning teams, so we know what’s going on in any given town.

Feedback from our landowner clients tells us that we get far more intelligence than other agencies, making the advice we give on the local planning landscape truly robust.

Timing is everything

We give you honest advice from the get-go, rather than making false promises about when you might get planning permission.

There are all sorts of ways of gaining consent. In the case of strategic land, we would normally promote your site through the development plan system.

It’s a complex system which can take many years, so you can be assured that we will be constantly monitoring the situation.

If there’s an opportunity to secure planning permission sooner, we will know and advise you accordingly.

We know that it can cost a very significant sum to put in a big application. Hand on heart, we would never tell you to apply if we didn’t think that planning permission was a viable prospect.

Commercial intelligence

Getting planning permission is one thing, but correctly judging the right market conditions to maximise your financial return is quite another.

The commercial edge added by our Residential Development team gives us a better overview of the whole process and all the players involved.

Furthermore, our market intelligence puts us in a position to deliver not just planning permission, but viable planning permission.

A less commercially facing team might simply accept all the conditions that a local authority wishes to impose, which aren’t necessarily the best deal for a landowner.

A trustworthy team

Alder King is completely independent, being owned and managed by our partners. That means we are truly invested in our business.

While we do approach landowners ourselves, most of the time landowners come to us: either they’ve seen how we’ve handled another deal, or other landowners have recommended us.

It’s a reputation that we’ve built up over more than a century in the business, and which we value hugely today.

To find out how we can use our expertise to get you the best deal for your land, get in contact today.