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The right deal at the right time

Is now the right time to sell your land?

Are you considering selling your land but concerned that the timing may not be correct?

At Alder King, we are experts in both planning and strategic land – that is, sites that will not be developed for another three to five years, or even five to 10 or more.

We can tell you the reality is that the strategic land market is as buoyant now as it has ever been.

In fact, landowners who delay can risk missing the opportunities that are currently presented by planning policy across south west England and south Wales.

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Planning pressure

The fundamentals remain: in the UK in general, and the South West in particular, we have less housing supply than we have demand.

Regardless of current affairs, there is still significant pressure at government and policy level to deliver houses, and a very significant appetite to bring forward land with the potential for development.

Every time we at Alder King put a strategic land opportunity to the market, we get a high level of interest from promoters and developers – sometimes as many as 15 or 20 bids.

Getting the timing right

The key to gaining planning consent is in the timing.

It’s about spotting the opportunities in the way the policies are being designed and framed, and choosing the point at which you approach the people formulating those policies and say: what about this site?

Many areas of the South West and South Wales are unable to demonstrate an ability to meet the projected demand for housing. The appetite among housebuilders for medium to long term opportunities, therefore, is really strong.

Alder King: the independent experts

Alder King is a completely independent, partner-owned company. We have a proud history of assisting landowners across the South West in maximising the potential of their land.

We also have a huge amount of expertise and experience in both strategic land and planning.

That combined service, knitted together with our independence, places us in a position to know when the opportune moment is to push, how hard, and in which direction.

Some of that we do on a collaborative basis with policy makers. Yet equally, where necessary we will challenge the policy makers, and suggest a different way forward.

What we won’t do is recommend spending significant sums on producing a planning application only for it to fall on completely deaf ears due to poor timing, or a poorly judged application.

Working for the South West

With our in-depth knowledge of South West England, we know where there are opportunities for growth or a shortage of housing.

Sometimes we approach landowners ourselves, but often farmers and landowners approach Alder King because we are a well-known brand and highly respected in the region.

Landowners know they can trust us, and that we’ll get the best possible deals for them. Landowners may have seen our previous success stories including most recently Wickwar in Gloucestershire, Yatton and Wellington in Somerset, and Stalbridge in Dorset.

In all these situations, we’ve judged the timing is correct to bring the land forward for promotion, and we’ve appointed a promoter or developer who has a proven track record of delivering in circumstances similar to the subject site.

When planning consent has been secured, and the timing is considered correct, these opportunities have then been carefully prepared for sale, offered to the market and ultimately sold for great prices.

Protecting your legacy

Naturally, many landowners and landed estates are deeply rooted in their communities. When they consider the sale of land, they want to ensure that the impact upon their local community is correctly managed.

At Alder King, we are familiar with these concerns and are expert at selecting the right party to help you maintain your responsibility to the local community.

Whatever your concerns about selling your land, talk to us.

You can be sure we’ll give you the benefit of our expertise, experience and independence to secure you the right deal, at the right time.