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Garden Centres Nationwide

Client: British Garden Centres
Services Provided:
Planning Consultancy

The Instruction

Alder King Planning Consultants have been instructed to prepare and submit numerous planning applications for British Garden Centres across the country. These include the submission of applications at garden centres located in Brockworth (Tewkesbury Borough Council) and Bridgnorth (straddling the boundaries of Shropshire Council and South Staffordshire Council). Both garden centres are located in the Green Belt.

Our Approach

Alder King prepared, submitted and negotiated a planning application for a new retail/warehouse building and reconfiguration of the existing car park at Brockworth Garden Centre.

Alder King has also prepared, submitted and negotiated various applications in respect of the Bridgnorth Garden Centre. These applications include planning applications for the erection of a retail extension and the erection of horticultural glasshouses, associated office and overflow car park.

Following submission of the applications, ongoing consultation and negotiation with the Local Planning Authority was undertaken, particularly with regard to the Green Belt location of both centres. In both cases, Alder King successfully demonstrated very special circumstances to secure planning permissions in the green belt.


The planning application at the Brockworth Garden Centre was granted planning permission in March 2023.

The various applications at Bridgnorth Garden Centre have been approved over the last couple of years and a further application for the erection of a regional warehouse is currently under consideration by both local planning authorities.


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