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Corporate Social Responsibility

Alder King – a responsible business

Alder King is a socially responsible employer with a strong commitment to encouraging our staff, clients and others to consider the impact of our business on the environment, the economy and society as a whole.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility working group, made up of representatives from across the business, continuously seeks ways to improve our support for the environment and the communities in which we operate.

The group is also tasked with evaluating the quality and content of the advice we give our clients, changes in property practice, how we can make a difference by supporting our clients’ CSR and environmental policies/requirements, as well as sharing best practice with clients, suppliers, contractors and others.

From low CO2 emission company cars and electric bikes to a Cycle to Work scheme, we are keen to play our part and wherever possible will investigate new options delivered by advancements in technology.

In 2015 we renewed our commitment to sustainability by signing up for Bristol’s Go Green programme.  We continue to make excellent progress across the five issues of Energy & Efficiency, Travel & Transport, Planning & Resilience, Happy & Healthy and Sustainable Sourcing.  Our ongoing participation in Business Green Week is very successful at raising awareness and we were delighted when in 2016 we won the Go Green 2016 Most Improved Travel & Transport award.

In recent years we have participated in Workplace Wellbeing Week, with a programme of activities designed to develop an ongoing sustainable culture of wellbeing, including lunchtime yoga and walks, a bring and share lunch and desk detoxes!

Our staff are also ardent supporters of a number of good causes and each year we adopt a new charity to support.  In January 2023 we voted to support Cystic Fibrosis Trust as our charity of the year and we look forward to a successful collaboration with them over the coming year.