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Appeal your Business Rates Assessment

Want to challenge your business rates assessment?  Our business rates experts have an excellent track record in helping businesses appeal their rating assessment.

In April 2017  the Government introduced the long-overdue Rating Revaluation, replacing the 2010 Rating List.  At the same time it introduced a new Check Challenge Appeal system for businesses wishing to challenge rating assessments considered excessive.

We understand how daunting the Valuation Office Agency’s Check Challenge Appeal process can be.  It requires significant input from businesses right from the outset of the process.  Whilst promises have been made to reduce the administrative burden on businesses, this has so far not been forthcoming.

To compound the issue, the Valuation Office Agency has significantly reduced the numbers of experienced staff in recent years.  This has led to more businesses receiving excessive assessments, as well as instances of rating assessments being created where no assessment should exist. It is therefore more important than ever to obtain advice on the validity of an assessment.

We have supported many businesses through the Check Challenge Appeal process and can therefore help guide you each step of the way.

We can also represent you at national level negotiations with the Valuation Office Agency to ensure that your interests are best represented.  We are highly experienced in appearing before Magistrates Courts as expert witness  and the Valuation/Upper Chambers in respect of valuation issues.  This experience is increasingly important as this area of surveying is becoming more litigious.