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Statement on Eviction Process at Bartholomew House, Exeter

Property consultancy Alder King was appointed in 2012 to act as Receivers in respect of Flats 1-6 Bartholomew House in Exeter after Property Edge Lettings Limited, the company which owned the property, went into Administration.

In early 2014 communication commenced with the occupiers and their legal representatives concerning obtaining possession of the property advising them that they were occupying the property as trespassers. 

This led to trespass proceedings being pursued through a formal Court process culminating in a Court Order for Possession granted on 16 May by the County Court.  This required the occupiers to vacate within 28 days.  The occupiers had legal representation present at the hearing, an interpreter and one of the occupiers was also in attendance.

Unfortunately the occupiers failed to comply with the Court Order and the matter was then referred to the High Court.  Following a Risk Analysis by the High Court Enforcement Officer, Alder King was explicitly advised not to provide advance notice of the eviction. 

Martyn Jones, senior partner at Alder King, said: “Of course we regret the distress this case has caused to the occupiers.  However we have strictly followed the proper legal process and complied at all times with Court procedures and advice in what has clearly been a very difficult situation.”

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