The energy sector offers huge opportunities to landowners with suitable property to accommodate a power generation use, and for the developers of these facilities.  Alder King has earned an exceptional reputation for maximising this potential on behalf of both landowner and developer clients through the application of a comprehensive range of professional services to the Energy sector. This encompasses site identification and acquisition, feasibility and transaction structure through to planning, development and funding. 

Our dedicated team provides focused and specialist resources to clients operating across all sources of energy, including renewable and non-renewable technologies.  This may be in relation to identification of suitable sites, assistance with deployment of an individual generation technology, or more detailed advice in relation to project financing and structuring. We have also worked with clients providing ‘in-house’ property advice where client resources are limited.

The team is experienced in providing advice to landowner and operators in technologies including:

  • Solar - both ground and roof-mounted systems
  • Wind - on shore, small scale
  • Large scale gas-fired power
  • Energy from waste
  • Back-up generation technologies

The activities of the energy team are complemented by our Planning colleagues who have developed specific expertise in the consent processes which are often unique to particular technologies and which are fundamental to development.

The energy team is currently focused on securing opportunities for Battery Storage schemes, situated on sites of 0.25 acres or more.  Further details are available to download in our Landowner Information Guide for Agricultural and Commercial sites.

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