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Empty or Vacant Properties

Since 2008, the liabilities of empty properties have increased significantly following the Government’s decision to remove almost all of the previously available reliefs.

In England, empty properties are now subject to full rates payments after a three-month time period, except for warehousing/industrial properties which enjoy a six months void rates window.  Different rules apply particularly in Scotland.

Whilst the legislation and relevant case law should be applied uniformly across the country, this frequently doesn’t occur, requiring expert knowledge and guidance. We have a successful track record in applying the legitimate techniques available to ensure that any liabilities for vacant buildings are mitigated to the fullest extent.

We also represent clients at Magistrates Courts as Experts to help them achieve an appropriate result.

Additionally, we examine the condition of vacant properties subject to any liability.  We have had significant successes in reducing liabilities of existing buildings to zero where disrepair occurs within properties.  Where a vacant building is still capable of being assessed fully for rating purposes, then liabilities can be reduced by up to 65% for office buildings and in excess of 75% for industrial/warehouse buildings.

If you would like any advice on your empty property and its liabilities, please contact one of our experts below.