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Dilapidations arising from commercial leases often prove contentious.  This is when you need an experienced building surveyor on your side.

Our surveyors have advised hundreds of landlords and tenants on dilapidation issues that arise during and at the end of a lease.

For our landlord clients, we can apply a wealth of experience nationwide in preparing and negotiating dilapidation claims relating to all types of commercial properties – from Repairs Notices, Interim, Terminal and Final Schedules of Dilapidations through to financial settlement or the monitoring of works – to ensure that tenants comply with their lease covenants.

We also act for occupiers, ensuring that landlords’ claims are reasonable, providing advice on specific liabilities and negotiating and reducing all unreasonable claims to a satisfactory conclusion.

Assessments of dilapidation liabilities can also be made for budgetary and accounting purposes, helping our clients make adequate and appropriate planning for any future liabilities.

If you’d like initial advice on your situation, do contact one of our experts shown below.